ORINO metal gutter systems

The ORINO gutter systems by Rozbud are precisely made, perfectly matched and – thanks to a special polyurethane coating – extremely corrosion-resistant elements made of galvanized steel.

ORINO means a guarantee of quality. Our complete gutter system means:

  • perfectly matched elements,
  • full tightness,
  • ease of installation.
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Gutters, galvanized and covered with a polyurethane coating – colours







Galvanized gutters – producer of complete systems

Multi-layer protection against the damaging effects of water, changing temperatures and UV rays

Galvanized steel sheet primed on both sides with 275 g Zn/m2 plus a polyurethane coating (the most modern steel protection method on the market) ensures:

  • system resistance to corrosion and weather conditions,
  • no discoloration on the surface of the gutter system elements,
  • maximum protection of the facade against dampness.
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Selection of the gutter system - tips

The parameters of the gutter system must be matched to the dimensions and geometry of the roof. Only then is it possible to effectively protect the facade against dampness and the roof against corrosion. By choosing the ORINO system, you provide yourself not only with the highest quality of each metal gutter, but also with professional assistance in the selection of elements.

roof measurement

The measurement of the roof is necessary for the proper selection of the gutter system parameters. The diameter of the gutters should be selected on the basis of formulas that take into account:

  • roof slope angle,
  • roof area.

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gutter system selection

The proper selection of the water drainage system is also extremely important. The following depends on the roof area:

  • number of rain water pipe gutter,
  • arrangement of rainwater funnels
  • the diameter of the drainpipes.

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ORINO gutter system - a solution for years

Modern ORINO steel gutters are a choice for those who care about reliability and durability. Refined structures ensure effective drainage of rainwater. The system contains all the necessary elements for easy construction of gutter systems of any parameters.

Modern ORINO galvanized gutters - why is it worth it?

The ORINO gutter system is valued primarily due to:

  • tightness of connections – ensured by a precise structure with a thick seal along the entire length,

  • durability – thanks to the high-quality materials and multi-layer construction of the gutter,

  • easy to install – no soldering required,

  • versatility – possibility of building any system from the available elements.

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