Cold-formed C and Z profiles - erection of steel halls

Precisely made cold-formed sections are versatile structural elements of high strength and low weight.

profil C


Zinc-plated cold-formed channel – durable, for versatile use

profil Z


Rigid, light and durable Z-shaped cold-formed section


Technical data

Height - H: 100 - 400 mm
Shelf width - A: 48 / 60 / 75 mm
Sheet thickness: 1,50 / 2,00 / 2,50 / 3,00
Opening yes
Material: S280 GD, S350 GD i S350 GD + Z275
Z PROFILE profil Z

Technical data

Height - H: 100 - 400 mm
Shelf width - A1: 48 / 60 / 65 / 75 mm
Shelf width - A2: 53 / 68 / 75 / 85 mm
Sheet thickness: 1,50 / 2,00 / 2,50 / 3,00
Opening yes
Material: S280 GD, S350 GD i S350 GD + Z275
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Cold-formed sections for steel structures

Rozbud’s cold-formed sections are made of steel strip (S220GD-S350GD; DX51-DX53) with a thickness of 1 to 3 mm. They obtain high stiffness while maintaining a low own weight which make them perfect for the construction of steel halls and other similar facilities

Z and C cold-formed profile - wide range of applications

Cold-formed Z and C profiles are irreplaceable in the construction of metal structures. They are used as ceiling and eaves beams , wall transoms, and roof purlins. They are valued for:

  • quality steel – resistance to corrosion, deformation, fading,

  • easy assembly,

  • tightness of the connections created,

  • high stiffness with low weight.

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Parameters of cold-formed sections tailored to your needs

Thanks to the ready-made holes , the sections can be quickly and easily installed. Rozbud cold-formed profiles always have precisely cut holes, arranged in accordance with a specific application and customer requirements.


Precisely made holes adapted to the use of the profile.

  • Possibility of making holes in the shape of a circle or a rounded rectangle (bean)
  • Various diameters of round holes: from Ø14 up to Ø18
  • Various sizes of elongated holes: Ø14×18, Ø18×24

widok profilu

We provide the possibility of implementing any project in accordance with the following principles:

  • distance from the edge of the charge not less than 30mm,
  • for holes Ø14, Ø18 the distance between the holes must not be less than three times the diameter of a given hole,
  • for holes Ø14×18, Ø18 × 24 the distance between the holes is not less than four times the diameter of the hole,
  • maximum 5 holes in one section,
  • possibility of asymmetrical arrangement of holes in relation to the axis of symmetry of the charge.

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The highest quality materials are used to create steel structures and more

Cold-formed profiles for erecting steel structures

Are you interested in steel sections or other products from our offer? We are happy to answer your questions.

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